Vinyl Planks

Vinyl Planks

Vinyl floors are an aesthetic and affordable alternative to other types of flooring. They are easy to install in any space and provide water-resistance as well as durability in the spaces that you need it most. With vinyl plank flooring in Sydney, you can be sure that you’re getting a high-quality floor that suits any budget.

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If you’re considering vinyl plank flooring for your home, you can get a free measure and quote from Advance Floors in Sydney. Our professionals will come out to your home, take measurements and help you choose the right colours and options. Then, they’ll provide you with a quote to get the vinyl planks installed in your home! Already have a quote from one of our competitors? We’ll beat it!

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Water Resistance With Vinyl Flooring

While vinyl plank flooring does not provide the same waterproof benefits of hybrid flooring, it is 100% water-resistant. This means that it can stand up to the demands of most high-traffic areas that frequently see water. This type of flooring is not the same as waterproof flooring, but it is water-resistant enough that it works well in kitchens and bathrooms.

Vinyl Flooring Options

Vinyl plank flooring is available in so many variations. Clients can choose from both wide and narrow vinyl planks as well as a variety of stain choices. The planks are made to look realistic and provide beauty no matter what room they’re placed in.

Low Maintenance

Thanks to their low maintenance, vinyl floors are great for any areas in the home — even higher traffic areas. Each vinyl floor manufacturer has specific instructions that you’ll be provided with for maintenance, but they are generally very easy to take care of. Most vinyl floors can be swept and mopped regularly without any damage.

Vinyl planks