Solid Timber Flooring

Cheap Solid Timber Flooring

Choosing solid timber flooring is an ideal solution for floors that need to be durable and sustainable. Timber flooring creates a classic look in any home and is meant to last for years. Choose a solid timber floor to complete the look and tie any home together.

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Timber floors are ideal for any home, but you may be concerned about the price. While they can be slightly more expensive than other options, they’re worth it in the long run. Plus, we’ll beat any competitor quote!

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Timber Flooring

Timber flooring is one of the most versatile flooring choices you can opt for. We can install them in most spaces and they’re available in colours that will match any decor. Timber floors provide a neutral backdrop and will fit in with any theme. While many homeowners choose a finish that’s meant to last for the life of their home, the option to refinish the hardwood floors is always there. Refinishing timber flooring is easier than replacing other types of floors and has a big impact on the way your home looks.

Prefinish Solid Timber

With prefinish solid timber flooring, many of the complicated steps to timber floor installation are eliminated. Our prefinish timber flooring is already prepped and stained before installation to make your floors ready to use after they’ve been installed!

Durability for a Lifetime

Solid timber flooring is meant to last for the life of your home. When you choose timber flooring in Sydney, you’ll have a durable floor that can withstand regular traffic and the daily stress that’s put on floors. Since these floors are made from solid timber, they’ll last for the life of your home.

Maintaining Solid Timber Flooring

Despite what you may have heard, solid timber flooring is simple to maintain. Keep dust and debris off of your floors, protect them with furniture pads and clean them regularly so that your solid timber floors will last. Refinishing is recommended every three to five years to ensure they last.

Solid Timber Flooring Installation